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تعلم اللغة الإنجليزية الحالة الشرطية الثالثة

الإختبار الثاني

إختر التصريف الصحيح للفعل.

  1. If Mohammad --- has left --- had left his apartment at 9:00, he --- would had catch --- would have caught his father.
  2. If my teacher --- had told --- had tell me to give this letter to my parents, I --- would have give --- would have given it to them.
  3. If she --- had returned --- have return 2 hours earlier, she --- would have see --- would have seen her mother.
  4. If the dancers --- had be --- had been more attentive, they --- wouldn't have make --- wouldn't have made mistakes during the show.
  5. If I --- hadn't borrowed --- hadn't borrow you my pencil, you --- wouldn't have broken --- wouldn't broke it.
  6. Lili and Lea --- would have gone --- would have go to the festival if they --- had bought --- have buy the tickets.
  7. If I --- hadn't fall --- haven't fall asleep, I --- would have watched --- have watched the match.


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