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تعلم اللغة الإنجليزية الحالة الشرطية الثانية

الإختبار الثاني

إختر التصريف الصحيح للفعل.

  1. If Brighton --- relax --- relaxed before the FA cup's match, the team could win.
  2. I don't mind studying here, but If I --- have --- had enough money I would study in Oxford.
  3. If I --- were --- was a man, I could play football.
  4. If her hair were curly, she --- would look --- will look gorgeous.
  5. If I had a boat, I --- stayed --- would stay in the sea.
  6. If Mohammad had time, he --- learnt --- would learn Spanish.
  7. Sami would help me if I --- asked --- ask him.


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