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تعلم اللغة الإنجليزية الخطاب المباشر و غير المباشر

الإختبار الأول

إختر صياغة الخطاب غير المباشر الصحيحة للجملة.

  1. Mohammad said: “I live in Beirut”. Mohammad said that he has lived in Beirut. --- Mohammad said that he lived in Beirut.
  2. Lama said: “I can play tennis”. Lama said that she could play tennis. --- Lama said that she can’t play tennis.
  3. He said: “I met my cousin yesterday”. He said that he met his cousin yesterday. --- He said that he had met his cousin the previous day.
  4. Maya said: “I work here”. Maya said that she worked there. --- Maya said that she was working there.
  5. Lea said: “I'm busy today”. Lea said that she was busy that day. --- Lea said that she was busy today.
  6. Mohamad said: “I need to see the doctor tomorrow”. Mohammad said that he needed to see the doctor the next day. --- Mohammad said that he needs to see the doctor.
  7. My sister tells me: “I am reading now”. My sister tells me that she is reading now. --- My sister tells me that she was reading at that moment.
  8. My cousin told me: “I haven't see your brother since last year”. My cousin told me that he hadn’t seen my brother since the year before. --- My cousin told me that he hasn’t see my brother.
  9. My teacher asked me: “have you signed your test?” My teacher asked me whether I had signed my test. --- My teacher asks me whether I signed my test.
  10. Steven asked me: “where are you going today?” Steven asked me where I was going today. --- Steven asked me where I was going that day.


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