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تعلم اللغة الإنجليزيةWh Questions

الإختبار الأول

إختر أداة الإستفهام المناسبة.

  1. --- What --- When --- Where will the bus arrive?
    The bus Will arrive at 7:00.
    سيأتي الباص عند السابعة.
  2. --- What --- When --- Where does he live?
    He lives in Dublin.
    يعيش في مدينة دبلن .
  3. --- Where --- What --- Why have you been?
    I have been in my room.
    كنت في غرفتي .
  4. --- What --- Why --- Who would you like to play with?
    I would like to play with my little brother.
    أحب اللعب مع أخي الصّغير .
  5. --- What --- Whom --- Why do we have to contact?
    We have to contact the principal.
    يجب أن نتواصل مع المسؤول.
  6. --- Whom --- Which --- When color do you like?
    I like red.
    أحبّ اللون الاحمر.
  7. --- What --- Whose --- Where dress is this?
    It my sister’s dress.
    هذا فستان أختي.
  8. --- Where --- What --- Why did he leave early?
    Because he did not enjoy the party.
    لأنه لم يستمتع بالحفل.
  9. --- How --- Who --- Why the weather?
    It is sunny today.
    الطّقس مشمسٌ اليوم.