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تعلم اللغة الإنجليزية الضمائر الإنعكاسية

الإختبار الثاني

إختر الصيغة المناسبة لتكمل بها الجملة.

  1. She burnt --- himself --- herself.
  2. Ow! He cuts --- herself --- himself.
  3. They are going to hurt --- themselves --- ourselves if they aren't careful.
  4. We are taking photos for --- themselves --- ourselves.
  5. I wrote this letter --- myself --- yourself.
  6. Guys, if you want more money work --- yourselves --- yourself.
  7. Salim, did you take this beautiful photo by --- myself --- yourself?
  8. The little boy wrote his homework --- himself --- herself.
  9. This beautiful mom made the lunch --- herself --- himself.


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