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تعلم اللغة الإنجليزية الأفعال الناقصة

الإختبار الثاني

إختر الفعل الناقص المناسب.

  1. Ten years ago, I --- will be able to --- could not speak English.
  2. In 4 years, I --- can --- will be able to to live alone.
  3. --- Can --- Could you smell this perfume right now?
  4. I --- can't --- must travel alone.
  5. --- You can --- Can you walk with me?
  6. Sarah --- could not cook --- could not cooked yesterday.
  7. In 3 years I will be 18, but I --- wasn't be able --- won't be able to vote in the election.
  8. The delivery man --- must --- could be here. I can see his motorbike.
  9. --- You could --- Could you explain this idea again?


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