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تعلم اللغة الإنجليزية ظروف الوصل

الإختبار الثاني

إختر ظرف الوصل المناسب لربط الجملتين ببعضهما.

  1. Tamara didn't get up early; --- however --- as a result, she missed the class.
  2. Fruits are delicious; --- in addition --- however, they are healthy.
  3. The students were asked to take seats. --- For example --- Next they were given the test to solve it.
  4. To become a programmer, you need a lot of skill and study. --- However --- Hence, programmer's salary is high.
  5. Carbon dioxide comes from the respiration of plants. --- Consequently --- In addition , it also comes from combustion.
  6. You must stop smoking; --- otherwise --- also, You may harm your health.
  7. The weather was hot. --- Rather --- As a result, we decided to swim.


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