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تعلم اللغة الإنجليزية صيغ المقارنة و التفضيل

الإختبار الأول

إختر الصفة المناسبة.

  1. This dress is --- more comfortable --- most comfortable than the other one.
  2. This house is --- more expensive --- expensivier than our old one.
  3. Real Madrid is --- the popularer --- the most popular team in Spain.
  4. My red dress is --- longer --- longest than your dress.
  5. A lion is --- biggest --- bigger than a mouse.
  6. Mohammad is --- good --- better now than yesterday.
  7. Arabic is the --- difficultest --- the most difficult language.
  8. Show me --- the best --- good school in this city.
  9. Girls are--- most intelligent --- more intelligent than boys.
  10. Maya is --- older --- oldest than Omar.


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